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Monday, April 22, 2013

Learning new techniques..

This technique was stamping with lemon juice.  We put a paper towel on a paper plate, wet it with the lemon juice (not soaked) and then stamped into the juice and stamped it onto the paper.  Use your heat embossing tool to heat the juice until it turns the vintage shade you like.  The longer you heat, the darker it gets.  It can seem like it takes a long time but the trick is continuous movement and close to the paper.  Watch you don't burn your fingers or the paper.  This works faster on text weight paper.

This technique was marbling with acrylic paint by misting
a piece of plastic wrap with water. Using about 3-4 paint
colors that go together with one of them being a metallic,
drop 3 nickel sized drops of each paint randomly on the
plastic. Fold the plastic in half and with fingertips work the
so it spreads all over the plastic. Try to leave the colors
separate only blending where they meet. Using quarter sheet
cut matte cardstock lay a sheet of the cardstock down on the
paint and tap with finger tips so card touches all the paint.
Carefully lift up the card stock and set aside to dry. Continue
until all the paint has transferred to the cards.  If you have
blank areas touch those areas back into the paint to cover. 
Once dry the papers can be used for backgrounds. On my
samples I used, gold, white, green and tan paints.

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